Ep 4 – Spend Time to Follow Your Passion

As the world’s leading TV hypnotist, Mentalist and Brain Hacker Keith Barry has been blazing a trail across the globe for many years.  His mind-blowing skills have been showcased in over forty international television shows, including his most recent series, The Keith Barry Experience.

He also recently starred in ITV’s smash hit series You’re Back in The Room where he hypnotised the contestants to stop them winning the prize money! The first hypnotism format on TV in the UK for several years, this show garnered huge audiences and proved to be a big prime-time hit for ITV.Keith is currently preparing the second series of his homegrown Irish TV series The Keith Barry Experience, which is due to air in September 2020.As a mind coach Keith has also worked with many world-class athletes, business people, influencers and actors to assist them in unleashing their subconscious potential. 

Amongst Keith’s clients are Ireland’s premier rugby stars, Keith Earls and recently retired Rory Best.

My conversation with Keith is quite similar to all my conversations with him. Even with all the madness and showmanship, behind everything Keith is a husband, dad, brother, son and his major point of difference is that he has a drive and a passion to entertain like no one I’ve met before. Like us all Keith battles the ups and downs of life and we got a chance to talk about those battles. We delve into the challenges of the responsibility of adults to guide kids in the right direction with all the distractions of technology and social media. We touch on the role of parents in a completely unregulated industry.

We also chat through some of Keith’s experiences in Hollywood and how he coped when finding out people he thought were friends had different agendas. Keith shares some anecdotes of his time with Woody Harrelson and Mark Ruffalo.

Finally, Keith talks to me about the power of the mind and how people can build resilience if they put the proper tools and practices in place. This chat really touched on loads of different areas which I hope you find as enjoyable and interesting as I did. Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy my conversation with the great Keith Barry.

If you’d like to reach out to Keith check out the links below
IG: @thekeithbarry
TW: @KeithpBarry

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