Ep 5 – Are you willing to put in the hard work?

This episode is sponsored by The Merry Cobbler, a pub in Irishtown Dublin, and only a stones throw away from the Aviva Stadium. This pub is one of my personal favourites, from the atmosphere, delicious food and of course fantastic pints. Jim and Will, thank you for all the food, booze and support.

Robin Copeland is a professional rugby player and has played with a number of teams in his journey to play at the top level, Rotherham, Cardiff, Munster and currently playing rugby for Connacht. He has been capped for Ireland and at that time he was on a fantastic trajectory but unfortunately got hit with an injury. 

We spoke about Robin’s journey in rugby and his initial introduction to the start of a potential professional career with Leinster.We talked about his time playing with St. Marys and key individuals that influenced him at such an early stage of his career.He shares some of the conversations he had behind the scenes, and why having a mentor or coach is so important especially starting off in his career.

It gave him a clear understanding toward the business of professional rugbyWe talked about how he used injuries to learn other aspects of rugby and focus on his weaknesses which he had previously neglected.Robin opens up about his relationship with Anthony ‘Axel’ Foley and how much he knew rugby but more importantly, Anthony knew players.

If you’ve any questions or wish to share some comments please feel free to do so. Here is Robin’s social handle on Twitter & Instagram: @robocopey

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