Ep 6 – #bebrave #awesomeinaction Tools for Everyday

My guest on this episode is my friend Dr. Olivia Hurley who is a Sport Psychologist, lecturer and author. Olivia lectured me when I completed my Sport Psychology Certificate in 2016/17 and since then we’ve become good friends.

I asked Olivia to join me to discuss what it’s like being a Sport Psychologist and to talk through her journey which I believe is quite exciting. It includes a diverse range of people from all backgrounds, sporting and business disciplines. Also, we spoke about mental resilience and the tools necessary to find our way through life’s everyday be it in sport, personal or ev

Olivia shares some insight to the science of Sport Psychology and how the same thought processes can overlap from sport to business and life.

Olivia has worked with some of Ireland’s best athletes across so many disciplines including rugby, hockey, Gaelic Football and much more.

With a background in athletics, Olivia is positioned brilliantly to share information and guide athletes through the trials and tribulations elite sports offers.

If you would like to find out more about Olivia, you can contact her on Twitter & Instagram @DrOliviaHurley or visit her website www.droliviahurley.com

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