Ep 13 Embrace Change – Sene Naoupu

What Makes You Tick? Ep 13 Sene Naoupu – Embrace Change

This episode I speak to rugby international, board director, leader of people, all-round great human Sene Naoupu. We spoke about Sene’s journey from New Zealand to Ireland, her roots in Samoan culture, and how her mum helped her understand the power of community in a person’s life.

Sene opens up to me about a challenging time in her life when she realised she had an eating disorder. We talk about how she has become self-aware to understand what she needs to do to ensure she stays on top of it. 

From our discussion it is obvious why Sene is respected so much, her kindness shines bright and I am grateful to have had the chance to speak to Sene, learn from her the challenges she faced. I’m inspired by her attitude to life and people,  She is a role model for all people. 

We talk about:
Sene’s journey to Ireland
relationship with food and managing an eating disorder
rugby and representing Ireland
embracing culture
understanding racism
board director, advisor and her vision

Most importantly Sene reflects on something her mum said to her many years ago which she lives by to this day. 

To reach Sene, follow her on Instagram @senenaoupu

Thank you for reading and listening, as always.

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