Do your best

I was very lucky growing up with parents who instilled in me to do my best, if that was in school, in sport or in life. Just do your best. With two parents who were on the same page as one another when it came to their kids my sister and I were very fortunate to come from a loving home.

There was one time when I was in secondary school I was failing a few subjects. I hadn’t a clue about science or history and the end of year exams were coming up. I was in trouble. So, one weekend my Dad agreed to let me go up to his office so I could get some space to study. He decided that he would help me figure these subject out, not knowing much about either.

So when he had down time between running his business he would pop into the spare office and sit down with me to go through the periodic table and cromwells invasion 😂

Talk about the blind leading the blind. However we knuckled down, and I remember him saying to me, “Stephen, let’s do our best and if that’s mean we fail then we fail, if that means we pass, then we pass, as long as it is our best, then that’s tall we can do.”

Those words have stuck with me ever since and I’ve taken them with me though life. I have gotten it right all the time but that’s ok.

You see, for many people if you weren’t the best then you’re not worth anything, that type of thinking and pressure can do two things to people, drive you or cripple you from trying anything.

Being the best sometimes is out of your control, which why doing your best is vital, because it’s yours, and no one else’s.

Your best is completely in your control. If you do your best in life I am certain that will mean that you’ve lived a successful life.

For anyone who is finding that life didn’t turn out the way they had planned or hoped for, STOP and ask yourself right now, what is in your control and what is out of your control, focus your energy on the controllables, and those things are usually, your mindset, your actions and your environment.

When it comes to mindset, too many people confuse positivity with optimism. The difference is that positivity is not realistic, it doesn’t accept hardships while optimism knows there will be tough days, and that tomorrow can be better, so during the tough days, accept them and feel them, so when you wake up tomorrow, begin it on an optimistic footing.

In terms of your actions, I wrote a piece about this before. You can choose to be happy or sad, angry or calm, positive or negative. When shit hits the fan, it takes practice to choose the right thing and life is the greatest training paddock.

Finally, have you ever heard the saying, “you’re the product of your environment” and nothing truer can be said about humans. Ever notice a fruit bowl and there’s one rotten piece of fruit. If left in place it will make the other fruit go rotten far quicker than normal. If your friendship , family or work environments are toxic then get the hell out of there. Don’t waste your precious time on things or people that don’t give you the necessary energy that puts a smile on your face.

We all have our life plan, it sometimes that plan gets thrown out the window because of life events, so, take stock of what you have in your life now, focus on the people and activities that give you energy and then give them and any goals you have your best.

The most important things in your life will always get the best out of you anyway

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