Riona Kelly: Leading with Love

My guest on this episode is Riona Kelly. 

At the start of 2015 Riona was married with to her husband of 14 years and had 4 wonderful children. However in March Riona’s world would change in the blink of an eye. 

Riona suffered a spinal stroke and in that moment became paralysed. Riona’s pain didn’t end there. Shorlty after her stroke, Riona’s then husband left her to fend for herself and her 4 young children. 

Riona Kelly Leading with Love part 1

However, this story is not about doom and gloom. Riona shares some of her experiences with me, the blessing in disguise when her husband left, the practice of positive self talk and self love, and the steely determination to walk again. She put her body through hell to finally take her first steps. 

Riona’s story is not a solo effort though. In life it is important to be around positive influencing people. In the midst of despair Riona reached out for help and found a personal trainer, and former professional Rugby league player Keith Mason to answer her call. 

Unknown to both of them, Keith would become a pivital player not only in Riona’s bid to build her strength back but also in finding true love. 

Riona’s faith in God is unquestionable and she believes that the challenges on her path have shown how resilient she is. Riona inspires many people all over the world and is now the happiest she has ever been. 

Part 2

Here Riona describes her struggle with mortality and her fight to stay alive and much more. One thing shines through, Riona’s message is clear, ‘Lead with Love’ and the world will start responding in a more positive way to you.

Riona Kelly: Leading with Love part 2

What I learned from our chat was no matter how hard life gets, or how deep into the rabbit hole of sadness you go, there is always someone who wants you to fight, there is always more to share with people in this world and there is always hope for a better tomorrow.So let’s not waste any time and get straight back into part two with Riona Kelly.

Paralysis, loneliness, heartbreak, depression, there are all words that could be used to describe a part of Riona Kelly’s life. But equally, words like hope, happiness, loving, family, mother, inspiration, determination, real, honest, paint a picture of the woman she is today.

Listening to this you might find that you’re having a tough day, and that’s ok. We all have tough days. It is people like Riona who are brave enough to share their ups and downs with the world normalise hard times and in doing so provide hope that tomorrow will be better.
#family #friendship #love #honesty #hope 

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