Sarah Cahill: You are braver than you believe

Sarah Cahill: You are braver than you believe

My guest on this episode is Sarah Cahill. Sarah is a mum of two amazing girls Lucy and Ellen and married to Brian a fantastic person who works in the Irish Army.

Sarah epitomises the phrase entrepreneurial spirit. Having qualified as a special needs assistant, Sarah took time out to focus on her family and raise the two girls. In doing so, Sarah found a love for play, for fun and this was made evident through the actions and mindset of her two girls.

Sarah Cahill Play Like Apes

It was from their Sarah created a primal food company called Eat Like Apes, she then went on to create another company called Play Like Apes which introduces Yoga and movement to kids at a young age.

Through the influence of her kids and her desire to try new things, Sarah decided to write a children’s book, Elsie’s Arabian Adventure.

It’s here we talk about anxiety in young kids, the fact that they worry quite a bit, and how we should ensure we acknowledge their feelings so they don’t linger.

In part 1 we set the scene with Sarah’s family and background, where her inquisitive mind came from.

This episode highlights the trials and tribulations of families, however, it shines a light on giving life your best shot, regardless of the situation you are in. If you at least try, you’ll potentially open up doors in your life that may not have been possible.

In part two of my conversation with Sarah Cahil, we talk about what we can learn from kids, the perspective she got when they wound up Eat Like Apes, and also the inspiration behind Sarah’s book Elsie’s Arabian Adventures.

Sarah speaks about the benefits of exploring with kids and giving them time to be curious about the world. Teaching them breath work and meeting kids where they are at. The opportunities to learn with them are endless.

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