Phillip Caldwell: Living Every Moment

Phillip Caldwell Live Every Moment You Tube

This discussion is with Phillip ‘Flipper’ Caldwell. In 2020 Philly was living life at its fullest.

A speedy scrum half/winger in his rugby playing days at 38, Philly like most ex rugby players found tag rugby as a nice distraction.

Phillip Caldwell: Living every moment

However, Philly’s world changed in nano seconds. From a man with speed like Flipper the dolphin, he suffered a freak accident. Philly describes the moment he started losing feeling in his body and brings us through the aftermath. That day, not only his body changed but his mindset shifted drastically.

Life changed in a nano second

It was a close friend of Philly’s that helped him realise he was in the biggest fight of his life and in every challenge rises opportunity. This is Philly Caldwells story and a snap shot to his road to recovery. The support from his family, friends and the rugby community has been second to none.

The Philly Caldwell trust was created and it managed to source donations that sold virtual tickets to fill the Aviva Stadium. This money is being used to help Philly’s recovery as he puts his body through enormous work on a daily basis.

Philly believes the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dublin, along with the smart decisions made at the time of the accident gave him the best possible opportunity to find a way back.

To donate and show any support you can head to In this discussion Philly talks about procrastination and how he is no trying to live life without procrastinating.

To which I shared a Ted Talk by Tim Urban Inside the mind of a master procrastinator.

Follow Philly and all his progress on Instagram @philipcaldwelltrust

Rehab in full swing
6 months later
9 months later
One step at a time

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