What Makes You Tick?

This podcast has been created to understand how people like you and me become successful. Too often we naturally see people who achieve and reach their goals as overnight successes, yet those overnight successes have most likely spent years sharpening their skills and honing in on what it is that drives them. I want to find out what goes on behind the scenes, what goes on in their mind, I want to find out ‘What makes them tick?’

Introduction to What Makes You Tick

Season 1
Episode 1 – Rhona Bradshaw – Know What Your Super Powers Are
Episode 2 – Ciaran Ruddock – Helping people become the best versions of themselves
Episode 3 – Frank Bradshaw – Becoming a Leader
Episode 4 – Keith Barry – Take Time to Follow Your Passion
Episode 5 – Robin Copeland – Are you willing to put in the hard work
Episode 6 – Dr. Olivia Hurley – #bebrave #awesomeinaction Tools for everyday
Episode 7 – Kim Skildum Reid – Remember to be a fan
Episode 8 – John Molloy – Fighting for Peace
Episode 9 – Ben Armstrong – The Gift of Enough
Episode 10 – Shane Monahan – The Future is Social Audio
Episode 11 – Damian Brown – Gut instinct, give it a chance
Episode 12 – Shane O’Donoghue – Olympic dreams, inspiring through actions
Episode 13 – Sene Naoupu – Embrace Change
Episode 14 – Elaine Sullivan – Understanding Sacrifice
Episode 15 – Greg & Sarah McWilliams – Ask for help
Episode 16 – Jade Jordan – Racism in Ireland, Shame on You

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