Damien Wildes: The Art Of Suffering

Damien Wildes is a normal guy on the surface. Married, a Dad, from a loving family background, sporty. Nothing surprising, until he talks about the water, his obsession with putting himself in the most uncomfortable situations he’s known to date. 

What you don’t know from the surface view is that he has prone paddle boards across the Irish see for nearly 15 hours, where he navigated through jellyfish, battle demons in his mind, felt like his shoulders were about to fall off and fuelled by Percy Pigs which ended up seizing his stomach while in the middle of the sea and no where to go. 

I spoke to Damien about his desire for adventure, what family means to him and why he enjoys placing himself in dark, tortuous to many situations, all for the opportunity to grow. 

Damien loves the water and encourages everyone on this island of Ireland to route themselves in the water, understand the benefits and enjoy the abundance we are spoiled with every day.

The art of suffering is something that stems from the Shaolin Monks and is embodied in Damiens pursuit of purpose and adventure. 

His love for his family is undeniable, and his honesty about being a parent is refreshing.

If you want to reach out to Damien to learn more about swimming and prone paddle boarding check him out on ⁠@flowstateswimming⁠

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