Ian McKinely: Make the most of your time – PT1

My guest today is an international rugby player, Ian McKinley. Ian’s journey is not straight forward. Like most of my guests, Ian has had to face a number of challenges throughout his life.

He speaks openly and honestly to me about a life changing injury that shattered a boyhood dream to play for Ireland one day. He shares some of his darkest moments and how he managed to fight through them to turn his life around.

Through resilience and an unwavering determination, Ian found his way back onto the rugby pitch, this time in Italy where he managed to work his way back to professional status, and play international rugby.

There is so much to take away from this conversation, never give up, always push forward and the bravest thing of all, is asking for help.

I know for one that my pride sometimes gets in my way, when I need help the most, and it is something I work on regularly.

Ian reminded me how important it is to share your struggles with people especially when they overwhelm you. 

We speak about him pioneering the way for goggles to be worn while playing rugby, how he needed people in his life to help him through very difficult times. If you would like to follow Ian and his story, check out his documentary Look Beyond on Amazon Prime

Or follow Ian’s instagram page Ianmck7 

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