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This was my first podcast back in Jan 2020, when I had a minute to sit down with my sister to chat about her career, and since then she has gone from strength to strength, now a mum and performing at the highest level both in her professional and personal life.

I took a moment recently to sit back and relive our conversation. Check it out

Unraveling the Secrets to Success with my sister Rhona “Rosie” – A Telecom Titan’s Journey

I’m thrilled to bring you a deep dive into the career and life lessons from my first guest, who happens to be my sister Rhona, affectionately known as Rosie, a powerhouse in the telecom industry.

From University to Telecom Trailblazer

Rosie’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. With a foundation in business studies from the University of Limerick, she cut her teeth in marketing at Smart Telecom and UPC Ireland. It was here that she learned the ropes, guided by mentors who saw her potential and nurtured her growth. Rosie’s career is a testament to the power of mentorship and the doors it can open.

Her ambition took her across the Irish Sea to the UK, where she faced the formidable task of setting up a digital team for UPC. This period was marked by challenges, but also by invaluable lessons that shaped her as a leader. Rosie’s story is a reminder that stepping out of our comfort zones is often where the most significant growth occurs.

The Quest for Balance and Authenticity

In our conversation, Rosie and I explored the delicate dance of maintaining authenticity while striving for excellence in the workplace. She stressed the importance of self-awareness and the transformative role a coach played in her journey, helping her to navigate the hurdles of imposter syndrome.

Rosie’s insights into team dynamics are particularly enlightening. She believes in the power of empathy to foster a diverse and productive environment, a principle that has undoubtedly contributed to her success.

Embracing Change and Personal Growth

After a rewarding stint at Virgin Media, Rosie did something many of us dream of but seldom dare to do – she took a year off. This sabbatical was a period of recharging and reflection, underscoring the value of breaks for personal growth. It’s a bold reminder that sometimes, to move forward, we must give ourselves the space to breathe and reflect.

Influential Figures and Gender Equality Advocacy

Throughout her career, Rosie has been supported by a cast of influential figures, from school teachers to industry mentors. These relationships have been pivotal in her journey, and she’s now paying it forward in her role at Comcast and through her involvement with Women in Cable and Telecommunications. Her dedication to fostering opportunities for women in leadership is a clarion call for gender equality in the business world.

The Power of Diversity and Inclusion

Rosie and I delved into the critical role of diversity in the workplace. She’s a firm believer that a diverse team isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s essential for producing the best outcomes. Rosie’s hope to inspire and support professionals, irrespective of gender, is a powerful message for all industries.

Words of Wisdom

For those just starting out, Rosie offers sage advice: be true to yourself, trust the journey, and don’t overthink. She encourages us to lean in and trust our instincts, as our paths are shaped by the experiences and opportunities we seize.

A Heartfelt Conclusion

As we wrapped up our conversation, Rosie’s story is a beacon for anyone seeking to balance personal fulfillment with professional success.

If you’re inspired by Rosie’s story and want to learn more about the individuals who make our world tick, stay tuned for more episodes and blog posts. Your path to success might just be a story away.

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