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Meeting Jake Humphrey from the High Performance Podcast

I got to meet Jake Humphrey earlier in the week at a work event and to say he’s a gent is an understatement. I could have asked him so much but time was against us.

I remember watching F1 years ago, long before the High Performance Podcast or podcasts in general were a thing, little did I know or think that we would be standing side by side, regaling about episodes of his podcast and asking what are his three non-negotiables.

He has spoken to the greatest High Performing people around the world and sees high performance as whatever you deem it to be to get the best out of yourself. If that makes you the greatest sports person who ever lived, or super chef, or best Dad… it is all down to you and what personally drives you.

In an interview with England Rugby League captain SamTomkins he unveils HP as “Doing the best you can, where you are, with what you’ve got” 🤯

I take inspiration from the work Jake and his team do and look forward to listening to more of his conversations.

Thanks for the time Jake

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