Tina Kothari: Keep Learning – PT1

My guest today is a remarkable lady. Tina Kothari.

Born in India, Tina grew up in the UK, and, on completing a degree in Philosophy, entered the world of commerce and banking to become a company director by the age of 26.

Following a period as a full-time mother, I then qualified as a counselor and as a trainer in Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Psychotherapy.

Over time Tina developed expertise in working with addictions, eating disorders, and trauma. Tina describes her time working in a war-torn Croatia and how it gave her another perspective on life.

Tina says she’s worked in people development for over 26 years, and this has led her into boardrooms and large organisations delivering bespoke programmes among executive leaders where she has become a renowned mentor and advisor to many leaders we know today.

What’s even more inspiring is TIna’s work with Anotherway Now, an organisation she founded with the focus on shining a light on human rights issues. They create events that bring various topics that are otherwise unknown to many, to light. It is harrowing what is going on in the world and by making people aware of this, we can begin to find a solution.

For information on human rights issues that Anotherway now support head to https://www.anotherwaynow.org/

Any questions you may have please feel free to drop me a mail stephen@whatmakesyoutick.net

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