Aoife Doyle: Let it Be

It’s rare someone gets to meet such a dedicated and focused person like Aoife Doyle.

For me, my first memory of Aoife was in the Rosary Church in Limerick. Our families used to go to mass every Sunday and Aoife’s father John managed the church choir. At the time Aoife was a little rascal running around the church in and out of the benches, up and down to John while he tried his best to conduct a group of people who ranged from tone deaf to pitch perfect. It was an all inclusive choir and the most impressive act of the day each Sunday.

Aoife was a bright eyed, curious and full of life 5 or 6 year old character. No one knew what Aoife was going to do but we knew whatever it would be she’d be great at it.

Aoife has always loved sports and from a young age competed against all the boys young and old. Her love for sport was unquestionable and it was in Shannon RFC that Aoife found her adoration for rugby.

This is where Aoife and I pick up the conversation, she has become a role model for men and women. Rugby shared some good times and challenging times of Aoife. The ups of being capt for Ireland at the tender age of 18, to relentless injuries plaguing her 7s and 15s career. Ever challenging her to find a way back, and with all challenges Aoife’s true character was tested.

Safe to safe Aoife patiently found what works for her as an athlete and a person. In a career that includes accolades in the 15s and 7s games Aoife shares her story with me. She unlocks the mindset she had when injured, the support she received from her family and her new found love for the sport again.

Aoife tells us about her affirmation ‘Let it Be’ and where that came from, how rugby helped her realise the person she is today, and we talk about her future, what lies ahead.

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