Brian Cahill: Having a growth mindset

Today’s guest is Commandant Brian Cahil who is currently serving in the Irish Army and stationed in Syria as part of a UN mission. Brian is a father of two young girls and married to my cousin Sarah who is a previous guest on the show. Brian speaks to me about his experience in the Irish army with over 20 years experience working through the ranks.

Brian’s biggest challenge as a young 22 year was commanding troops on his first ever mission, where people of all ages, older and younger were looking to him for leadership and direction. The safety of his troops was in his hands and it was there he found that leaders are those who take action and responsibilities for their actions – while others follow and implement what is required of them.

Normally on tours Brian is gone for 6 months however this tour is a 12 month stint and he found this tour the hardest, his kids are that bit older, they are more in-tune with their emotions and how to express them. 

What’s more, Brian shares his unquestionable desire to learn and grow, as you’ll hear from the books and leadership quotes he recommends in the episode. While he makes some fantastic points, he walks away with a few key points of note such as – looking in the mirror and asking yourself, are you proud of what you’ve done.

That is his litmus test of his day and his approach to life.A wonderful friend with countless tales and unquestionable desire to learn and grow. Here are some of the links to the books and quotes he spoke about

Invictus by William Ernest Henley

The Mission, the men and me – Lessons from a Former Delta Force Commander – Pete Blaber

“Steel My Soldiers’ Hearts: Hopeless to Harcore Transformation US Army, 4th Battalion, 39th Infantry “: The Hopeless to Hardcore Transformation of U.S. Army, 4th Battalion, 39th Infantry, Vietnam. Col (Retd) David Hackworth

About Face – Odyssey of an American Warrior. Col (Retd) David Hackworth

Beyond Band of Brothers: The War Memoirs of Major (Retd) Dick Winters

Never Let Go: A Philosophy of Lifting, Living and Learning. Dan John

Gates Of Fire. An Epic Novel of the Battle of Thermopylae. Steven Press field

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