Cian Tormey: Just Say Yes

Todays guest is the first person in Ireland to own the look and feel of iconic comic hero Superman. Cian Tormey speaks to me about his journey from Art Director in a creative agency to comic artist and living in a world where he loves his job. 

Cian Tormey Loving Work

Cian shares learnings along the way, the challenges he faced when a close friend of his died while Cian was finding his way through college and life. He speaks about the lack of support he received from those who’s role is to look after and support young adults. 

Cian has a beautiful outlook on life now that he has gotten to understand himself and what he wants, who we surrounds himself with and facing challenges head on. Cian loves helping others and sharing his experiences with others, especially those who are young and in fairly informative times of their lives. 

The big learning from this conversation is to work on opening yourself to opportunities because they may lead you on a journey of brilliant possibilities. 

Cian is happy to share his knowledge of being a comic artist, equally to speak about how he manages his mental health and can be reached on all social channels @ciantormey 

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