Hika Elliot: The kind heart of a warrior

Hika Elliot is a family man, a former All Black and an inspiring human given the battles he’s faced throughout life. From Hastings, New Zealand born into a large family in a disadvantaged area in New Zealand Hika grew up in a world where gangs, drugs and fighting every day was a way of life. It was all he knew for nearly 20 years.

Hika shares his story with me, how rugby helped save his life, and how he found strength in asking for help at a time when he was dealing with the loss of a great friend, he was battling demons in his head while trying to hang onto a world of professional rugby.

Hika’s story is an inspirational one. He is a human I’m lucky to know and thankful he’s shared a story of heart ache, of fear, of hope and ultimately of peace. Hika’s reason for existing is the love he receives and gives to his wonderful young family and his joy of playing a sport that gives him the ability to provide the opportunities to his kids, which he never had.

A true warrior of life, Hika is proof that even when you feel you’ve been dealt the toughest hand in life, there’s always a way through the darkness, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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