How’s it going?

Sometimes all you need is time. I’ve been reluctant to write a blog for a long time, but today I said ‘feck it’. It is born out of a recent initiative for Pieta house and how fortunate I am to have a group of friends and a family that back me all the way and believe in me

When was the last time you asked someone that question and stopped to listen?
Can you remember?

How is it going? Did you ever stop to wonder what is ‘IT’?

I know the phrase is something we’ve adopted as an ‘irishism’ in a similar way with ‘not too bad’ or ‘fine’ or ‘grand’.

Really how are you?

Recently I posted on my coaching IG page a piece about mental health and an initiative that was created to encourage people to talk to people who we may have lost touch with for whatever reason or people we are always in touch with but rarely seem to have a deep genuine conversation. Friendships can sometimes seem fantastic on the surface, however, when the chips are down some ‘friends’ find it hard to engage with one another.

The initiative is called #speakfor15 and is focused on raising awareness on mental health and try to prevent suicide which affects people every day. More importantly, it promotes the fact that it is ok not to be ok.

It is so important to speak up and share a problem or issue you’re having with your friends. Don’t worry either, you’re true friends will take on board what’s troubling you and do what they can to help. They are the ones who support you when you’re not in the room and believe in you without you even knowing it.

People are either energisers or energy sappers.

You only find out who those people are by talking and sharing. Focus your energy and time on those who see the good in you, who energise you and want you in their lives, because life deals you hands that you sometimes are not expecting. When that happens you’ll realise who the real people are in your life, and knowing that is liberating.

So, I suppose the only question to ask is,

How’s it going?

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