The truth is

Truth can hurt & heal.

The truth is, no one is perfect
The truth is, you might not like what I have to say
The truth is, you might end up last
The truth is, you might be forgotten
The truth is, you have been at some stage
The truth is, what you believe in

The truth is, people don’t always agree
The truth is, that’s ok
The truth is, life can get tough
The truth is, your view of life is unique
The truth is, we’re running out of time

The truth is, you’re loved
The truth is, you’re respected
The truth is, we never stop growing our minds
The truth is, hard work pays off
The truth is, your mind is stronger that you think
The truth is, life is an adventure

The truth is, times ticking away
The truth is, its up to you how you want to spend it

There’s a shift in the narrative we are seeing online. The truth doesn’t seem to matter any more. Science is being debunked when it doesn’t suit people’s narrative. Crazy right?

Life is a tricky adventure we get to navigate and explore, however, what we’re seeing more and more of is the fear of free speech, more forced speech and opinions with less and less accountability.

I believe that people are spending too much time blaming others for how they feel, their perceived short comings and how their lives have ended up, rather than removing from their lives the people who enjoy draining any positive energy.

Being open and carefree invites opinion, however, if your reason to open up, be carefree and express your opinion is founded on a truth that is real to you, that’s ok.

Opinions both positive and negative will come with the territory, but don’t them affect you. It’s good to have engagement, but opinions belong to everyone. If sharing your point of view means something to you, then fantastic, equally if keeping your point of view to yourself means something to you, that’s brilliant too.

At the core, most people believe they are good people. Accept that you can have good days and bad days. Some things work out, some things don’t. Just keep trying and continue to  grow and learn.

Q: What’ll you be when you grow up?

A: Loads. We never stop growing up

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