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I don’t have the time

Saying you don’t have the time is really saying you’re making the wrong choices and decisions you’re not happy with.

It has been on my mind for a while. Every week I hear someone say the phrase,

I just don’t have the time

It’s nearly as common as when girls talk to each other where they bought their lovely clothes and the response is

Thanks, Pennys.

Not having the time is a flawed response to any question. Yes, you do have the time, we all do, we just make choices that take us away from doing something else. It’s as simple as that.

But why don’t we put more value on time? In the advertising world, our clients pay for our time, same in the legal and many other professions. So why is it that in life some people never have the time to do whatever it is they really want? It’s baffling.

For example, with money, we’re far more calculated and considered on how we spend it because we know what it takes to make money. Money has value and we put structure around on what we can afford now and what we need to save for in order to have it in the future. Why not do that with our time?

If we did this, I believe our lives would be far more enjoyable and our lives would be far richer in happiness.

We all want to spend our time on things we love to do. Those of us lucky to work in an industry we love, spend time with people we love, do activities we love. Imagine if all you could spend your time on the things you love, how incredible would life be then.

As we pass through the time of our lives we develop and understanding of basic needs. We need to eat, we need to sleep, we need to work we need to live. Fundamentally those needs support us throughout life.

Replace the word need with want. Needing something puts pressure on you. However, wanting something, now all of a sudden this is something you can look forward to. I want to train, I want to learn, to try new things, see new cultures, eat new foods, meet new people, have a family and work in a job I enjoy. Sounds like a pretty fun and fruitful life.

If you want to make time; you will make the time.

Technology has given us the opportunity to free our lives and choose to spend our time on whatever makes us happy. We have the freedom to choose how to spend our time, if on Facebook or writing a blog, or meeting people, whatever, it simply is our choice.

We all have the exact same amount of time as everyone else, our focus should be on how we choose to use it.

If life was our client and time was our product, what would a brief look like?
Challenge: Enjoy time more often
Desired outcome: Happiness
Insight: I need more time to enjoy life and what makes me happy
Proposition: One life, choose happiness before time runs out.

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