Inspiration – It’s all around us

I’ve found that working in advertising most brands and agencies are trying to lead and be the first which is admirable however, is it always possible?

I’d a discussion with a colleague of mine in my previous role regarding new ideas and if there was such a thing nowadays. I mean, while the execution of ideas vary in essence the idea is the same. It’s like making pancakes with buckwheat or flour, they are still pancakes.

We are influenced by our surroundings and life experiences so much so that they inspire us in our everyday. This industry is the perfect platform to bring these experiences to life.

I’m lucky to be part of an industry where our role it is to push the boundaries creatively.

Over the years some great engaging campaigns like TNT’s No Drama that was created by Duval Guillame. This had such a great impact that other brands wanted to follow in the Belgian footsteps using it as inspiration to create engaging immersive content. TG4 tried it twice once with Jockaí Eile and the other with a new programme called Bosca Ceoil. TG4 themselves are always pushing the boundaries in advertising and continue to do so, but what was Duval Guillame’s inspiration?

Similarly this year in Cannes one of the lion winners was Volvo who created Volvo lifepaint it could be argued however that inspiration came from a company in Sweden who designed clothing and accessories to reflect light. I can’t find the case study, unfortunately. (maybe someone else can)

Equally so maybe the inspiration for Shred of Decency from this Cannes winner Honey Maid.

Who knows?

It’s hard to be the leader in the game but not impossible, take Apple’s approach, it’s not about being the first, just do things better  han everyone else.

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