Stephen ‘Cowboy’ Kelly: Know Your Worth

With social media we typically see a facade, a version of ourselves through the prism of a fancy filter so onlookers think we are pretty, smarter or indeed more in-tune with our mental health than one would think. It is an emotional void which we either find empty or full depending on our moods. We are the curators of our social news feed and this became more evident during COVID. While some people fixated on their 6″ screens and the drama, others blossomed and soared through creativity, realising opportunity and paving the way for others. 

One such person is Irish entertainer Stephen ‘Cowboy’ Kelly who exploded during COVID with his witty, insightful comedic approach to the madness that was going on all around and coined the phrase ‘You Know’ followed by a look into the distance. Stephen is a member of 3 Bucks Left, an offshoot comedic group who took part in Ireland’s answer to Monty Python back in the Celtic Tiger – The Hardy Bucks. 

Stephen took time out of his busy schedule supping creamy pints of Guinness to sit with me and talk about the man behind the beard, the life he’s lived and the motivating factors the drive him. Stephen has a hilarious ability to take everyday dramas and create a funny, intelligent, humorous outlook of the situation. We tend to take life so seriously these days, trying to be the best version of ourselves which is admirable, yet we sometimes forget to enjoy ourselves. We tend to forget that life is unbelievably precious, so why sweat the small stuff. 

When was the last time you had some fun? If it was today, good for you, but if you can’t remember, then go have do something fun – because it may be taken from us in a moment, something Stephen knows all too well and thankfully shares those experiences with me. Stephen has a genuine desire to help people through entertainment and in turn he feeds off it to help himself. 

This episode unveils the real man behind the comedic characture, it shows a man with a deep heart, a mischievous outlook on life and a refreshing point of view. 

3 Bucks left are currently rolling out shows all around Ireland throughout the year and I’ve no doubt, if you turn up, you won’t be disappointed. Check out this link to secure your tickets –

You can find the Cowboy on 3BuckLeft’s instagram page here

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