sktech of george floyd

A Time

The world has got to unite and stop all the hatred, violence and brutality that consumes innocent lives. Not only in the United States but in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, all over. With recent events in America and after seeing this sketch online I was inspired to write this poem.

A Time

{A time}

“A first breath, a relieving cry.
A mother’s hold, a challenging time

A dark road, a world unknown
A life so precious, a love to mourn

A world apart, a pavement shared
A voice of reason, a world now cares

A foolish act, a relentless pressure
A moment sketched, in minds forever

A corrupt mind, a heavy knee
A fading soul, no air to breath

A final straw, a spark ignited
A voice for all, a people united

A world consumed, a rage an anger
A love required, a hearts greatest treasure

A hope one day, a shackle released
A child of the people, with air to breath”

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