Damian Browne: Keep Striving For More From Yourself

Damian Browne is a unique human being. He has chosen to spend his life taking on some of the worlds toughest challenges. This is Damians third time on the podcast and this episode is unique, the first was after he rowed for the first time across the Atlantic Ocean, and the second was the very first interview for Project Empower We met in Damian’s native home town Galway on the west coast of Ireland in the Dew Drop Inn and thanks to Galway Bay Brewery for organising some space for us and we spoke about everything, from his emotional experience over the 112 days on the ocean to the challenge of losing his rowing partner on day 13 and he speaks openly and honestly as always.

Footage of our conversations

I ask Damian about the life of an adventurer and how people may perceive it to be a selfish lifestyle especially with a young family and we delve into the emotions of that and what it means to him and his wonderful partner and child. 

Damian is a man who meets challenge head on while accepting the importance of showing vulnerability and emotion. He see this as a massive strength and something we can all work on developing. Damian also believes that the mind can push the body through far more struggle than we realise and he taps into some of the times on the ocean when he needed to. 

We speak about his hallucinations, dealing with loss, the crew and people in the background that took the brunt of his frustrations in their stride and we regaled the funny story around the moment he tried to pull away from New York harbour and instead rowed towards it. 

This is episode is long, but fruitful. It is two friends sharing a beer, exploring a world that so many of us will never experience, yet for Damian Browne, he has conquered the ocean twice and earned time now to take a breath and reap some of the rewards from his gallant efforts. This episode is full of emption, honesty and without a doubt a deep insight into the mind of Ireland’s ultimate adventurer – @AuldStock – Damian Browne.

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