Fergus Farrell: 5% chance of walking to an Atlantic Row

If there’s one thing you do today – Be Kind to yourself.

Fergus Farrell is one of the bravest men I’ve met. On the surface people will see that he attempted to row across the atlantic and on day 13 the ocean and the environment got the better of him. Nearly two weeks on the ocean rowing every 2 hours is a massive achievement in itself.

But what people don’t always realise is that 4 years prior to this attempt, Gussy was laid up in the National Rehabiliation Hospital in Dun Laoighre Dublin, with only a little bit of feeling in his toe. Gussy had severed his spinal chord in a work accident and was given a 5% chance to walk again. 

Now, take 5 seconds….. a 5 % chance to walk again and only 4 years later this main was attempting to row across the atlantic ocean with one of his best mates. 

You see, people forget and judge based on what is infront of them. No body understood that GUssy’s day to day is a challenge. With constant nerve pain running through his body. With the inability to stand on one leg for longer than 5 seconds. Gussy needs to hold on to the side when he walks up the stairs because his propreceptors don’t fire the way they need to which means he could stumble any time. 

This is not a pity story, this is context. Life is tough and tough envrionments make strong people. Gussy has been through an incredibly tough time and he continues to fight, where others would give in. 

This is Gussy’s story of his journey since leaving New York Harbour on hte 14th June 2022. it is also a learning to ourselves to be kind to ourselves. Treat ourselves like we treat our best mates. Speak to ourselves with compassion, not hate or anger. 

I was lucky enough to be the first to interview the team from Project Empower Damian Browne and Fergus Farrell. You can hear the podcast episode here. 

If anyone listening feels overwhelmed in life, remember it is one day, one step, one minute at a time. You will get there and be kind to yourself along the way. 

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