Damian Browne: Gut instinct, give it a chance

In this episode, I talk to one of Ireland if not the world’s most adventurous humans. This talk was so enjoyable.

Damian Browne is a man like no other man I’ve spoken to. In 2018 he completed a solo row across the Atlantic, run an ultra marathon 251km in the Sahara Desert, on a mission to scale 7 of the highest and most treacherous mountains in the world. He has 5 in the bag already, and he is also the Irish indoor Concept 2 rowing champion and this man’s physical and mental ability seems to know no bounds.

Damian and I talk about his life’s adventure to date and why he puts his body and mind through so much mental and physical pain? He shares essential life tools and how following his gut instinct at the age of 17 has become the cornerstone of everything he does to this day.

Damian and I discuss his incredible achievement having rowed solo across the Atlantic ocean in just over 63 days and how he prepared for such an immense challenge. His physical preparation required him to put himself in situations where he knew his mind and body would try to push back against him and one of the most important pieces of his training was his visualisation methods which proved to be the one that saved his life. 

What is so impressive about Damian is the fact that he says himself the adventures and challenges he puts himself through help him deal with the challenges of everyday life which we all experience. That’s what makes Damian such an interesting character, he is grounded and real and shoots from the hip giving us all a chance to understand why he does what he does and what makes him tick.

If anyone would like to reach out to Damian you can find out more information of all his adventures on www.damianbrowne.com or head to Instagram @auld_stock

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