Shane Monahan: The future is Social Audio

Fantastic discussion with @ShaneMonahan. An entrepreneur trailblazing his way in business through his social audio platform Limor. Shane saw an opportunity in a market where traditional social media was becoming overrun and time for something new. 

After a conversation with his Dad, the penny dropped and Shane formed LIMOR. Shane and I discuss his rugby career and how the discipline and self-belief he had in rugby transferred into his business acumen. 

We also discuss the challenges he faced, various motivators and inspirations in his life, and we discuss the next stage in social audio. I’ve no doubt Shane will be a guest again as this podcast series evolves and I hope to share more of his journey. In difficult times due to COVID19 social audio has helped connect us and LIMOR has facilitated this. 

If you would like to reach out to Shane you can obviously find him on LIMOR @shanemonahan and on Instagram @shanemonahandesigns, Youtube & Twitter. Or simply head to for more information or send Shane a voice note on LIMOR. 

He is always delighted to hear from you. 

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