Gareth Logan: Be in the moment

Today is a very exciting episode, where I sit down and chat to a super friend and confidant of mine Gareth Logan who is an entrepreneur owner of

What’s so interesting about this episode is how Gareth aka Logi opens up about his challenges with dyslexia growing up, how he found at 13 he was going to experience the toughest time in his life following the loss of his Dad. In a moment, he had to grow up.

Life for everyone is challenging and while there are hard times in our lives, remember that people care for you and he’s blessed to now have a family with four fantastic kids who help him appreciate every day.

What I learned from this even more so is how lucky I am with the friendship circle I have and how I take inspiration from those who are closest to me.

Gareth encourages everyone to talk and is a big supporter of Pieta house. To find Gareth online head to @garethlogan and he’s open to sharing his experiences or even answer questions you may have.

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