Hillary McGann: Know what you don’t know

29 years old entrepreneur and founder of NewsFix Hillary McGann speaks to me about her career in journalism and how she’s found a niche in the market to help inform people on the news around the world.

Hillary is a remarkable person who faced numerous challenges in her young life with health issues popping up just as she was about to move to the next level in her career at CNN one of the worlds powerhouses in news.

This podcast is a great reflection on a wonderful career, how NewsFix is helping so many people especially young people who find consuming news daunting. The goal of NewsFix is to give you a foundation of knowledge so you can take part in a conversation.

Hillary shares her career with me and it is clear to see she has a passion for news, passion for life and a wonderful way with words. Hillary shares some advice and believes that it is important to know what you don’t know and don’t be afraid to ask questions and for help.

For anyone interested in subscribing to NewsFix head to https://www.news-fix.com or go to the instagram page and take time to see what news fix is all about newsfix_

Hillary’s book recommendation is Tim Marshall’s Prisoner of Geography

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