Ben Armstrong: The gift of ‘Enough’

This episode is with a good friend Ben Armstrong. Ben is currently working with Leinster and helping to develop coaches and players within the province. We got a chance to talk about Ben’s journey from Australia to Ireland and how he and his lovely wife Aimee forged their path for themselves and their family. 

Ben talks to me about his current coaching role with Leinster and his ambition for the future, his take on developing the game for both men and women and how rugby has enabled him to travel the world. 

We also talk about the moments he had with his wonderful Mum who unfortunately passed away last year, however, Ben looks at those final moments with fondness and has a positive take on life. He shares some advice and opens up to invite anyone who wants to talk to him, to get in touch. 

He’s on Twitter and Instagram @Benarms5 or you can email him directly

Sorry about the poor audio quality, remotely recording has some downsides 🙂 


Episode timeline
00:10Introduction 00:25Exploring the topic 00:57A word from our guest host 01:14Closing remarks
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