Ellie Walton: Beauty in small moments – PT1

Born and raised in Washington DC, Ellie Walton is passionate about honouring and sharing stories of everyday revolutionaries.

She picked up a video camera for the first time at eleven years old and never looked back. Ellie has a lifelong commitment to amplifying voices fighting for justice.

In this episode Ellie shares some key moments in her life that set her on a path of curiosity, exploration, and adventure. I was introduced to Ellie by a former guest of mine Tina Kothari who is the founder of Another Way Now, an organisation that shines a light on human rights issues from all over the world.

It was here where Ellie’s documentary Brave Girls was aired. This hour-long documentary was shot over four years and explores the day-to-day life of young women in India who are bound to Indian norms and the tradition of arranged marriages. It is through the documentary we see who brave these girls were to go against tradition and follow their hearts and desires to further their education.

Ellie describes the experience, shares some behind-the-scenes moments, and exudes her passion for life and the freedom of storytelling.

Ellie’s bright lust for life is unquestionable. It is through empathy and having a curious mindset that she is able to bring to the screen a world we may never have known otherwise.

Episode timeline
00:10Introduction 00:25Exploring the topic 00:57A word from our guest host 01:14Closing remarks
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