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First Day as a “Blogger”

I’ve always wondered where so many influencers get the time to write their blogs and share their opinions with the world. I’ve decided to give it a shot. I’m an ad man based in Dublin and it’s my job to understand all things to do with advertising and the with the digital age blogging and influencers are proving to be excellent channels for consumers. I’m here to see if I can find the secrets behind blogging. However, I haven’t created this page just to learn about bloggin, I’m using it as a channel for me and for those who have similar interests.

Speaking of interests as I mentioned I’m an ad man in the world post ‘Mad Men’, it’s a different world nowadays but nonetheless still as fun and exciting. We work crazy hours at times, yet its worth it when you get the chance to work on some incredible brands and with brave clients. I’m a keen sports fan and just recently stopped playing rugby. I’m hoping only for a year or so although, that depends on a potential future ankle operation. This is something I’ll keep you posted on. Others posts will include my thoughts on music, social media, sports, influencers and I’m sure I’ll find something else to go on about.

I do envy those who have an incredible gift at writing. Some people are genuinely gifted writers and all they have to do is touch the keyboard and effortlessly their amazing description of the world as they see it appears on screen. It’s like an art when you read an article and every word captures you and gives you that urge to read more. Well if you’re looking for those type of blogs I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong page.

As I mentioned my game plan is to put on screen my opinions on everyday topics that have some influence on my life. I’m not going to preach to the world about what people should or shouldn’t do. All I will do is put forward opinions of my own and everything that I write will be my own thoughts and words. You might find the odd link here and there but hopefully if this works out the majority of the posts will be all me :).

In the coming days, weeks and months I’m going to share posts about a range of topics and if you like them please feel free to comment and share them. If you don’t that’s fine too.

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