embrace the struggle and let it make you stronger, it won't last forever

What do you want?

The past few months for me have been pretty quiet on the blogging front. A knee operation, Christmas and NYE have kept me occupied. While I’m enjoying this new avenue of communication I’m not going to write things down just to fill blank pages. Im using this medium as a chance to share with people my experiences and how I take on whatever life throws at me.

What I’ve found interesting the last few months is the number of people who’ve mentioned my blog to me. #thisisnotadressrehearsal is getting a bit of air time among folks I know. Both in support and in jest. What I love is that it is being repeated regardless.

I’ve found heartening the positive reactions and comments. A friend of mine mentioned to me before Christmas that he couldn’t get over the stories I was writing. Simply because I was talking about personal experiences and he’d always thought I was the type of person who’d never get down or find life troublesome.

That struck me. I suppose I’ve always been good at staying positive and focusing on the meaningful things in life however like everyone else I’ve had highs and lows throughout life. There have been days that have tested me, days where I’ve questioned what I’m doing in work, in sport, in general. Those days every now and then show their head, they are a reminder of tough times however instead of letting them sink in, I use those thoughts as a way to refocus myself and my goals.
I set goals because I want to achieve certain things in life and I believe the ‘down’ days are catalysts for me to reassess and refocus myself.

Remember goal setting is what you WANT not what you need or must have. Wanting something is the fuel.

Want to be successful

Want to be excellent

Want to be happy

Whatever you want to be then BE it. Set out the goals you WANT to achieve and go about your business to reach them. These are your goals, no one else’s so don’t worry about what others think, say or do. Whether they are too big or too small, they are yours and yours alone.

As the saying goes,

“the sky is not the limit, your mind is”

And while we sometimes lose our way after we initially set our goals, always go back to why you set them in the first place, I don’t have the answers for everyone all I know is the result of my experiences.

I’ve set goals over the years, hit some and failed at others however the one thing I’ve always done is approach whatever I do In a positive way and gove it my best. When I want something I’ll give it all of me. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don’t. Most importantly I always give it my best shot and in doing so I can look in the mirror and be proud.

Remember too, success and your goals are down to your mindset. Success for you might be something different to another. Don’t worry about anyone else’s goals, focus on yours and don’t deviate from what you want.

Be willing to make sacrifices, be willing to learn, be willing to evolve and Seize all those opportunities along the way.

As an aside I wrote a blog about opportunities and the fact that we are the only ones who can realise them. When aiming to achieve what you want you’ll have opportunities along the way just identify the ones that are right for you so take them.

Recently I had the opportunity reassess my goals. With my knee operation and a few other things I’ve seen a couple of down days rear their head over the past few months and they’ve have been the perfect opportunity for me to regroup. Being injured and around family, friends and loved ones has helped me identify some short term goals and I’m giving them my best.

Nobody can do more than their best.

If you sign that social contract with yourself and agree to give whatever you want in life your best then by virtue you’ve given life everything.

No one can ask for or give anymore than that. Take the success and failings in life learn from them and embrace them along the way. By applying them to your everyday they will help you become the best you can be.

Your best is your best.

Find out what you want throughout life, and give it your best.

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