Will Purdue: Freedom through music – PT1

My guest today is a singer-songwriter, Will Purdue. Will is a gentleman and a deep thinker.

The music you’ve just heard is a recent single he wrote for Riona Kelly who suffered a horrendous accident and as a result, was paralysed.

This single was released to help fund Riona’s rehabilitation as she and her partner Keith Mason aim to complete 100miles. Keith will pull Riona 99miles and Riona will then fight to walk the final mile. You can find out more about their journey at the Keith and Riona Foundation

The song highlights their journey together and Will speaks to me about the challenge he faced and the pressure he put on himself to create something he is proud of.

In the first part of this conversation Will and discuss the effects music can have on our emotions, our thinking, and the way it puts into words, feelings we find so difficult to express.

I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and I hope you do too.


More to follow in part 2.

If you would like to download Will’s single and support Riona and Keith’s journey, head to willpurdue.bandcamp.com

Follow WIll @willpurdue on Instagram.
Here are Riona and Keith’s handles on Instagram too

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