Leaders – Watch the RWC Final

This Saturday we will witness two powerhouse nations of world rugby collide both ready to lay their bodies on the line for the glory and honour to raise the Webb Ellis Trophy.

While each team believes they have the ability to be victorious, the cruel reality of competition means there can be only one winner.

History and form are irrelevant in this game because both believe that if they perform to their best ability then the result will go their way. To be the best you have to beat the best and without a doubt these two teams summit all others in rugby union. This is the greatest rugby occasion to be part of however it’s important that the players don’t play the occasion but play the game.

Tactically the coaches will have the players on point. Even though these guys are professional athletes and will know exactly what their roles are and what’s needed to put them into the best position to take advantage, they are still mere humans. Mental focus is imperative. Both teams are going to have an opportunity to turn the screw however I believe it is going to come down to one skill which requires a number of people to emanate


 I believe this will be the one constant
that determines the outcome on Saturday.

We’ve witnessed incredible battles between New Zealand and Australia over the years however never before have we seen these two teams face each other in the final of a Rugby World Cup.

It’s not any given Saturday; this is the Rugby World Cup final. In my previous posts I spoke about self-belief, which we’ve seen in spades throughout this world cup. That belief is instilled by everyone coming together as a collective backing those who naturally inspire others through their actions on and off the field, their words of inspiration and their ability to remain calm in pressure situations.

Richie McCaw is New Zealand’s longest serving captain. Through his leadership he has instilled an unquestionable belief in his team and losing is not an option. His direction and focus ultimately permeates through the players and gives them that extra something which is unique to New Zealand. But he is just one man, the senior players lining out alongside him need to show their true colours because when McCaw is gone, who is going to take the reigns?

For many Stephen Moore doesn’t come across as the greatest captain on the park because he’s quite tight lipped. His leadership comes from his actions; in the front row he’s the first point of contact setting the standards in attack and defence, which ripples through the team. Again he is only one mere mortal, a lot must be said about Michael Cheika and his achievement to get Australia to this point in the competition. His has an uncanny ability to make this beautiful game so simple by trying new things all the time. While Australia stumbled across the finish line against Scotland they still won. Like him or hate him, he’s brought an inconsistent Australian team out of their deluge of form and made them a force to be reckoned with.

However, it can be argued that his leadership is only effective until those men take to the field; it is down to the players on the pitch. We will truly see if Giteau, Mitchell, Moore and the likes will be the leaders that Australia will need now more than ever.

Rugby and Business

Natural leaders are those who give people around them belief, direction and in return receive loyalty. In sport and business tough decisions needs to be made. What happens on the pitch / office should stay there and never taken personally It is in those challenging instances that leaders see opportunity and those around them look for controlled thinking, direct tone of voice, inspiration, focus and belief for the decisions they make determine the outcome the teams / company’s future.

The decisions don’t always  have a positive outcome but at the very moment a choice needs to be made, it is the right thing to do. Make the decision and live with it, never look back just forward and learn from it.

We’ve a great competition going on this Saturday and may the best team win. Watch out for those moments when real leaders take control. Lets just see who steps up and leads their team to victory.

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