Hannah Saunders: Work to live, don’t live to work

Hannah Saunders
Work to live, don’t live to work

Hannah Saunders is a remarkable person, entrepreneur, influencer, business woman, daughter, wife and someone I am happy to call friend.

On this episode Hannah speaks about her path into the PR industry and her determination to pave her own path in a world she fell in love with as young girl.

Influenced by her father’s work ethic, Hannah made a decision to enter into the PR world, starting as an office manager and working her way up, patiently and steadily. Hannah gained international experience during her time in New York and finally moved to London where nobody knew her name.

It was in London where Hannah found out how cruel the professional world can be to people. How some businesses treat people as numbers and value them only by the invoices that have beside their names.

Hannah learned the hard way, while traversing through the trials and tribulations of her own life, the haunting memories of experiences past, she needed an employer who had empathy and understanding, not ignorance and disrespect.

With Hannah’s work ethic and commitment to her career she gained the respect of her clients, she built a network of professional contacts who admired her passion and focus.

To help Hannah through dark times she found courage and spoke to a therapist who guided her and supported her as she gained further understanding about the reasons she was having constant panic attacks and sleepless nights.

Hannah is an inspiring person, see’s the brightness even in dark times, she is motivated by family and friendships, she leads a business that is founded on empathy, honesty and understanding. Hannah is a refreshing voice who genuinely sees the best in people.

To some, Hannah is an influencer who seems to have it all sorted and a perfect life. Hannah’s substance is far deeper than what people see on Instagram.

In our conversation you can hear that Hannah is more like you and me than is perceived. She too has her worries, her fears and uncertainties lihas her worries, her fears and uncertainties like us all. Her strength is that she doesn’t sweep those emotions under the rug, Hannah has learned to take those feelings and turn them into strengths that fuel her purpose which seems to be the best leader, wife, friend and daughter she can possibly be to those she loves dearly.

Hannah supports Ireland charity One in Four provide professional counselling to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. For anyone who has suffered and wants to know more or requires support visit oneinfour.ie

Also if you wish to reach out to Hannah if her story has resonated with you, her instagram handle is @hannahsaunderspr

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